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If you are looking to sell your oil and gas mineral interests, then you’ve found the right place.

What to Look for in Companies That Buy Oil and Gas Minerals

Five & Twenty was founded to do one thing — buy oil and gas minerals with the highest ethical standards and customer service in the business. That’s what we’ve done — buy oil and gas minerals in all producing regions of the country, while providing thousands of mineral owners with payouts.

When looking for a company to buy oil and gas minerals from you, customer service should be the top priority.

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Fast, Easy, No Closing Costs

When considering companies that buy oil and gas minerals, most sellers are not only looking for a generous payout but also a quick and easy closing. So, that’s what we deliver.

Most mineral buyers operate on their own timetable when they buy oil and gas minerals. That’s because their investors demand rigorous assessments before buying. Without the capabilities to navigate the complexities of mineral assets quickly, most companies take weeks to make offers and weeks more to close.

Five & Twenty has spent years creating a tight turn around and closing process. You shouldn’t have to waste precious time on a frustrating, drawn-out selling process.

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